"1. Expressive or evocative images;
2. Representative images;
3. The art of making such images".

A lens or a brush or a pencil can capture scenes pleasing to the eye, through simple black and white tones and textures of nature, to the expression of light and colour found all around us. We just have to pause and look...

I began my interest in artisitic photography, moving on from simple holiday snaps, during my last few years at school. I studied photography, where I was taught the techniques of developing film and prints - all in Black and White. The process fascinated me, as it has done with many other people for well over a Century. The time standing watching an image appear on the paper is special and exciting, rewarding you with a physical memory to share with others.

I have progressed from using my father's Fujica manual loading SLR to a film Canon and now a digital Canon SLR. Black and White remains my favourite palette, except of course for the beautiful suns and skies I have been fortunate to witness during land and ocean travels.

For a longer time I have been interested in painting and drawing, and have begun playing with acrylics in recent years. A few of these paintings are in the galleries on this site. I enjoy blending colours; discovering textures and tones; capturing a memory or idea on film or canvas...I hope you enjoy looking at them and find inspiration of your own in what you see around you.

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